Home Learning

We hope that the following activities provide parents with work that can be completed at home to support their child’s education. These activities have been selected by the class teacher and therefore ensure they are correctly matched to the expectation of each year group. If you are unable to print the worksheets, please encourage your child to complete the activities on paper or in a notebook. Two weeks learning will be on the website and the new learning for the following week will be uploaded before Monday morning to enable parents to prepare for the week. As the year 6 pupils have now been invited back to school as part of the phased re opening, we will only be providing the weekly Friday home learning here.


YEAR 3 WEEK 6- 11th May 2020

Weekly plan 11.5.20


Monday-Weekly Spellings

Tuesday-Replacing said in direct speech

Tuesday-Word bank

Wednesday-Complex Sentences 1

Thursday-Complex Sentences 2


Friday-Prepositions word mat


Monday-Fractions of a shape

Tuesday-Pyramid Scheme activity

Tuesday-Pyramid Scheme ANSWERS

Tuesday-Snip Shape activity

Tuesday-Snip Shape activity ANSWERS

Wednesday-Unit and non unit fractions-1

Thursday-Unit and non unit fractions - 2

Friday-Activity 1

Friday-Activity 2

Y3 Arithmetic-Test 5


Science-Ongoing science

Geography-World Climate Zones presentation

Geography-Postcard Template


PHSE-Activity 1

YEAR 3 WEEK 7 -18th May 2020

Please see additonal activities for mental health and well being week.

Weekly Timetable 18.5.20


Monday-Guided Reading

Monday-Weekly Spellings

Tuesday-Order the story

Tuesday-Story Plan Template

Wednesday-Word Bank

Wednesday-Writing Pictures support


Monday-Unit Fractions of Amounts

Tuesday-Unit Fractions of Amounts

Wednesday-Non Unit Fractions of Amounts

Thursday-Non Unit Fractions of Amounts

Friday-Y3 Arithmetic Full Test 6


Science-Plants Knowledge organiser

Science-Type of Root

PHSE-Relaxation-Activity 2

Music-Rainforest lesson 2

Wellbeing week -Introduction

Wellbeing week-Activity 1-Feeling chart

Wellbeing week-Activity 1-Feelings diary

Wellbeing week-Activity 2-Coping toolbox

Wellbeing week-Activity 3-Dealing with change

Wellbeing week-Activity 4-Ways to feel better

Wellbeing week-Activity 4-Worry jar

Wellbeing week-Activity 4-Worry Monster

YEAR 3 WEEK 8 - 1st June 2020

Weekly Plan 1.6.20


Monday-Weekly spellings

Monday-Guided Reading

Monday-Guided Reading Answers

Tuesday-Recognising word classes

Wednesday-Consolidating word classes

Thursday-Comprehension Questions

Thursday-Comprehension Answers

Friday-Venn diagram

Friday-Character Outline


Monday-Recognising Tenths

Tuesday-Reasoning with Tenths

Wednesday-Counting in tenths (part 1)

Thursday-Counting in tenths  (part 2)

Friday-Arithmetic-2 tests


Science-Stem investigation


Geography-Activity 1

Geography-Activity 2

PHSE-Activity 3

PHSE-Wellbeing Challenge

PHSE-Positivity colouring pack

RE-Mary Jones

YEAR 4 WEEK 6- 11th May 2020

Weekly Timetable-11.5.20


Weekly Overview

Editing Checklist

Final Draft 1

Final Draft 2


Monday-Arithmetic Paper 3

Tuesday-Pounds and Pence

Wednesday-Pounds and Pence reasoning

Thursday-Ordering Money

Friday-Ordering Money Reasoning

Friday-Extension Task


Science-Classifying Vertibrates

Science-Activity 1

Science-Activity 2

Art-Lesson 1

RE-Lesson 1

RE-Lesson 1 worksheet

PHSE-Growth Mindset Introduction

PHSE-Growth Mindset-Emotions

YEAR 4 WEEK 7 - 18th May 2020

This week is mental health and wellbeing week-please see additional resources.

Weekly Timetable-18.5.20


English Weekly Overview

Monday-Recognising Apostrophes

Tuesday-Contractions Word Mat

Tuesday-Conjuctions Word Mat

Tuesday-Bronze Task

Wednesday-Using Apostrophes

Thursday-using Apostrophes for plurals

Friday-Identifying misconceptions

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Extra Comprehension-Bearded Dragon Text

Extra Comprehension-Bearded Dragon Questions

Extra Comprehension-Bearded Dragon-Answers


Monday-Arithmetic paper 4

Tuesday-using Rounding to Estimate Money

Wednesday-Using Rounding to estimate Money-Reasoning


Thursday-Four Operations Money

Friday-Four Operations Reasoning


Half term Maths Puzzle


Science-Classification Keys

Science-Activity 1

Science-Activity 2

Science-Activity 3

History-Viking Invasion

History-Longship example

Music-Lesson 3

Wellbeing week introduction

Growth Mindset-Relexation

Wellbeing week-Coping toolbox

Wellbeing week-Dealing with change

Wellbeing week-Ways to Feel Better

Wellbeing week-Worry Jar

Wellbeing week-Worry Monster


YEAR 4 WEEK 8 - 1st June 2020


Weekly Planning-1.6.20


Weekly Overview

Monday-Deconstruction Text and Key

Tuesday-Image of Gobber

Wednesday-Success Criteria

Thursday-Editing checklist

Spelling-Summer 2

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Vikings Longships text

Vikings Longships-Questions Bronze

Vikings Longships-Questions Silver

Vikings Longships-Questions Gold


Monday-Arithmetic paper 5

Tuesday-Minutes and Seconds

Wednesday-Hours, minutes and seconds

Friday-Months, weeks and days

Number of days in a month rhyme


Science-1. Intervebrates

Science-2. Activity

Science-3. Word mat

Science-4. Classification key

History-Alfred the Great




YEAR 5 WEEK 6 - 11th May 2020

Weekly Plan-11.5.20


Lesson 12-Deconstructing slides

Lesson 12-Holes Deconstruction Key

Lesson 12-Holes Deconstruction Text

Lesson 13,14,15-Slides

Lesson 13,14,15-E Plan -Bronze

Lesson 13,14,15-E Plan-Silver

Lesson 13-Model Deconstruction Text

Lesson 13,14,15-Success Criteria and Assessment Grid

Lesson 13,14,15-Word Bank

Lesson 16-Instructions

Lesson 16-Reading Comprehension


Lesson 1-Angles

Lesson 1-Questions and Answers

Lesson 2-Angles around a point

Lesson 2-Questions and Answers

Lesson 3-Instructions

Lesson 3-Angles in the stars-ANSWERS

Lesson 3-Blue sail-ANSWERS

Lesson 3-Pink Sail-ANSWERS

Lesson 3-Anchors away-ANSWERS

Lesson 4-Y5 challenges

Lesson 5-Instructions

Lesson 5-Full test questions

Lesson 5-Arithmetic Slides


Science-Opposing Motion lesson

Topic-3 Stages of a River-Presentation

Topic-3 Stages of A River-Resources

DT-Bread Tasting

PHSE- Introduction


YEAR 5 WEEK 7 - 18th May 2020

Weekly Timetable-18.5.20


Lesson 17-Editing Diary Entry Slides

Lesson 18-Instruction Slides

Lesson 18-Reading Comprehension Rainforests

Lesson 19-Dashes-Slides

Lesson 19-Bronze and Silver Tasks

Lesson 20-Instructions Slide

Lesson 21-Instructional Writing Slides

Lesson 21-Bronze Template

Lesson 21-Example of Recipe


Lesson 1-measure Obtuse and Acute Angles

Lesson 1-Questions and Answers

Lesson 1-Silver Questions and Answers

Lesson 1-Gold Questions and Answers

Lesson 2-Drawing Angles

Lesson 2-Bronze Questions

Lesson 2-Questions and Answers

Lesson 3-Assessment

Lesson 3-Assessment and Answers

Lesson 3- Assessment questions

Lesson 4-Year 5 Challenge

Lesson 5-Instructions

Lesson 5-Explanation Slides

Lesson 5-Arithmetic Full Test 4


Music-Rivers -Lesson 3 and 4

PHSE-Critical Consumer Activity

Wellbeing week-Introduction

Activity 1-Feeling Diary

Activity 1-Feeling Chart

Activity 2-Coping Toolbox

Activity 3-Dealing with Change

Activity 4-Ways to Feel Better

Activity 5-Worry Jar

YEAR 5 WEEK 8 - 1st June 2020

Weekly Timetable


Lesson 1 Slides

Lesson 1 Text

Lesson 1 Key

Lesson 2-Instructions

Lesson 2-Reading Comprehension

Lesson 3-Research Slides 

Lesson 3-Chapter 1

Lesson 3-Chapter 8 

Lesson 4-Instructions

Lesson 4-English Grammar Test 3

Lesson 4-English Grammar Test 4

Lesson 5-Writing slides

Lesson 5-Word bank and success criteria


Lesson 1-Instructions

Lesson 1-Volume Slides

Lesson 1-Questions and Answers

Lesson 2-Instructions

Lesson 2-Liquid Asset-Answers

Lesson 2-Tanks for all the fish-Answers

Lesson 3-Instructions

Lesson 3-Compare Volume Slides

Lesson 3-Questions and Answers

Lesson 4-Volume and capacity challenge

Lesson 4-Oh Harry resource

Lesson 4-Between unnumbered divisions-answers

Lesson 5-Instructions

Lesson 5-Explanation slides

Lesson 5-Arithmetic Test 5


Topic-River Thames activity photos

Topic-River Thames cloze activity

Topic-River Thames Word Bank

DT-Pizza design sheet

DT-Pizza making lesson

DT-Pizza method sheet

DT-Pizza recipe

Computing-Create a sprite

PHSE-Shopping items

PHSE-Value comparisons


Comparing Places - Week 1, Friday 5th June 2020


YEAR 6 WEEK 7 - 18th May 2020

Weekly Timetable

Year Book Instructions and Questions

RE Lesson 3 - Jewish Rituals Slides 

RE Lesson 3 - Jewish Rituals Activity 

PSHE - Global Warming Slides 

PSHE - Global Warming Picture Cards

PSHE - Global Warming Activity 

Science - How does light travel?

Music - Lesson 2

Wellbeing Week, Monday's Activity - Feelings Diary 

Wellbeing Week, Tuesday's Activity - Coping Toolbox

Wellbeing Week, Wednesday's Activity - Dealing with Change 

Wellbeing Week, Thursday's Activity - Relaxation 


Macbeth Lesson 10 - Conjunctions suitable for a balanced argument Slides 

Macbeth Lesson 10 - Conjunctions suitable for a balanced argument Activity 

Macbeth Lesson 11 - Planning for a balanced argument Slides 

Macbeth Lesson 11 - Planning for a balanced argument Activity 

Past SATs Questions and Answers - Clauses and Conjunctions 



Converting Time - Activity 

Converting Time - Answers

Converting Time - Past SATs Questions and Answers 

Reading and Interpreting Timetables - Activity 

Reading and Interpreting Timetables - Answers 

Reading and Interpreting Timetables - Past SATs Questions and Answers 

Ratio - Activity 

Ratio - Answers

Arithmetic Paper 

Arithmetic Paper - Extension