At Hampton Junior School, we are fully committed to ensuring the well-being of our children and believe for them to be successful learners, and in turn to lead successful lives, their happiness is imperative. We model a whole-school approach to social and emotional wellbeing; one which pervades all aspects of our school life including:

  • Whole-school policies and practices that promote positive wellbeing;
  • Training and CPD for staff;
  • The school culture, ethos and environment;
  • Teaching, learning and the curriculum;
  • Partnerships with parents, families and the wider school community.

Our whole-school approach is supplemented by research-based interventions, which provide targeted, specific support for individuals and a smaller groups:

  • Counselling –1:1, therapeutic support through our Hampton Primary Partnership Counsellor.
  • Drawing and Talking Therapy – a gentle, non-intrusive method of therapy to support emotional and learning needs.
  • Social Thinking Programme – a three-part cognitive behavioral curriculum, which helps students develop further awareness of their own thinking and social behaviours and learn strategies to help them develop better self-regulation.
  • Zones of Regulation Programme – an intervention which fosters self-regulation and emotional control.
  • Talk about: Social Skills Programmes – to develop social skills in body language, the way we talk, conversations and assertiveness.
  • Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA) – an intervention which supports the teaching of emotional intelligence.

These specific interventions support the development of key social and emotional skills, including self-awareness, self-regulation and communication, amongst others, as well as school-wide policies and practices which support positive wellbeing.