School Results and Ofsted

HJS achievements

We are incredibly proud of the excellent results and achievements of our pupils at HJS, especially the progress in mathematics in the core subjects which was very strong.  The following documents celebrate some of the school successes. 

Our 2023 Ofsted inspection recognised that Leaders are highly ambitious for all pupils and teachers work collaboratively to support them to succeed.  Pupils are happy and safe, love learning and value their lessons.  Their behaviour is excellent.  The curriculum is broad and well designed.  This is because leaders have pinpointed the specific knowledge that pupils need to learn and identified how this will build over time in each subject.  The teaching of reading is excellent.  Leaders have ensure that a well-structured phonics programme builds from the infant school's programme.  This provides a smooth transition between Years 2 and 3 and enables pupils who are struggling to read to catch up. 

Finally, the inspection recognised that Leaders have ensured that there are clear routines for learning in the classroom.  As such, pupils enjoy their lessons, and they love learning.  They support each other and work together happily.  The "You Own Your Own Behaviour" charts reward pupils for their positive contributions and help to foster a strong sense of shared values within the school.