Lunches and Milk

At Hampton Junior School, we enjoy the benefits of an additional Dining Room which allows a whole year group to sit together. As a health conscious school, children can either bring a healthy packed lunch or enjoy a freshly cooked school meal.  The Mayor of London has announced that he will be extending the funding for Universal Free School Meals for another academic year.  This will mean that all children at Hampton Junior School will have the option of taking a free daily meal.  If you wish to switch your child's lunch arrangement please email the school office as we will require 1 week's notice. 

Pupil Premium Grant 

You may be entitled to claim free school meals if you are claiming benefits such as Income Support, Job-Seekers Allowance, Child Tax Credit or support from the National Asylum Support Service.  

Schools receive £1,455 a year for every child who is entitled to claim free school meals.  This money is spent directly on the child, providing one to one teaching, group support, help with funding for trips, access to out of school clubs etc.  Even if your child chooses not to take the actual meals, the fact that they are registered means they are still entitled to the funding.  

If you think you qualify please complete the below form:

Application for Pupil Premium 

Break Time

Children are allowed fruit or vegetables, the fruit can be fresh or dried but not coated in chocolate or yoghurt. “Granola” type bars often contain large amounts of additional sugars and as such are not a good choice for a snack.  Fresh fruit is available to buy every morning break from the medical room for 10 or 20p.

Hot School Meals

Following the introduction of Universal Free School Meals for infant children, we strongly encourage you to continue school meals for your child. It is widely accepted that a balanced nutritious meal at lunch time helps children concentrate properly and learn effectively.  This helps their behaviour, learning and achievement during the school day.

The hot school meal menu is carefully put together and monitored to ensure children have access to a balanced, nutritious meal. The school meals are cooked freshly every day, included is a two course hot meal and access to the salad and fruit bar. The meals are good quality from fresh ingredients and we have worked with our cook to ensure portion size is appropriate.  Sometimes they include items which your child may be unfamiliar with but they are encouraged to try everything e.g. Beetroot and peppers.


Lunch Menu 

Healthy Packed Lunch

If you decide to send your child with a packed lunch they will need a named lunchbox; no carrier bags please. Lunchboxes are placed on the year group trolleys in the dining room every morning and need to be collected and taken back to class after lunch.

A balanced and nutritious lunch should contain four elements:

  • Starchy foods: These are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, and others.
  • Protein foods: These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others.
  • A dairy item: This could be cheese or yoghurt.
  • Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.

Please do not include sweets, fast food, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks or canned drinks or any nut products in your child’s lunch.

Please see the Suggestions for a healthy packed lunch to ensure a healthy, balanced and nutritious lunchtime for your child.


During lunchtime, staff promote play and understand the benefits of it. Play time is an important time for the children, it is time for them to develop a sense of wellbeing by being allowed to experience who they are or might be. Through play children can question themselves, learn to speak for themselves and form identities. This helps children define who they are and to develop their sense of wellbeing.

The staff that work with the children at lunch time try to encourage the children’s creativity to make up their own games and explore relationships with their peers. Play also develops the creative process and growth of problem solving skills which ultimately help children to achieve.

The different types of play are all encouraged, we have dressing up clothes, den making, toys, skipping ropes as well as all the old favourites and lots of loose parts to help the children explore, plus climbing frames, football, cricket or tennis or just reading in the quiet area.

School Milk

Milk is available for parents to purchase. Children entitled to free school meals are also entitled to milk.

Payment for meals and milk are made through parentpay

Cool Milk 

Birthday Celebrations

Please do not bring in sweets or cakes to celebrate birthdays, many children in the school have allergies which make this difficult.