Mathematics is essential for everyday life. At Hampton Infant School we are passionate about our pupils having a sound foundation in the fundamentals of mathematics and work to nurture a positive attitude and curiosity about the subject through developing problem solving and reasoning skills. We do this through a daily lesson that has a high proportion of whole-class and group-direct teaching. During these lessons we encourage children to ask as well as answer mathematical questions.  

We teach mathematics using a mastery approach. We follow the National Curriculum programme of study for maths and use White Rose materials to support our planning and resources. With the Mastery approach children are taught to “understand” maths, rather than just rely on rote learning. We endeavor to foster deep learning by giving enough time to explore mathematics at a deep level in order to ensure understanding that can be retrieved and applied at a later date. This slower pace and focus on depth eventually leads to greater progress because it gives all learners the chance to become secure in their understanding. We enhance the teaching and learning and deeper understanding of number through a range of manipulatives including numicon. Numicon is a quality first teaching approach designed to give children the understanding of number ideas and number relationships that is essential for success in maths. We use a series of structured patterns - Numicon shapes - to represent numbers, as part of a progressive teaching programme

At Hampton Infants School we use a variety of strategies and resources that children can visualize or touch to support their work. Through the consistent use of these apparatus and representations, our pupils gain confidence as independent learners to use resources and solve problems.

These are the end of year expectations for pupils in our school.

Mathematics End of year expectations

Nursery Progression of Skills

Reception Progression of Skills

Year 1 Progression of Skills

Year 2 Progression of Skills