At Hampton Infant School we are passionate that our pupils are fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and work to nurture a positive attitude and curiosity about the subject through developing problem solving and reasoning skills.

We teach with the Mastery approach; children are taught to ‘understand’ maths, rather than just rely on rote learning. We endeavour to foster deep learning by giving enough time to explore mathematics at a deep level in order to ensure understanding that can be retrieved and applied at a later date. Staff assess the children at the end of each block to check that the new learning has been remembered and therefore learnt, covering necessary topics again if necessary. We aim to teach deeper understanding of number through a range of manipulatives, including Numicon.

At Hampton Infant School we use a variety of strategies and resources that children can visualize or touch to support their work. Through the consistent use of these apparatus and representations, our pupils gain confidence as independent learners to use resources and solve problems as they progress through the school.

We want the children to be able to apply the skills learnt in maths to other subjects and topics with fluency with an understanding of how it can be used and the purpose.

Children’s work is displayed on walls, in the form of working walls and in EYFS it is also displayed through the learning journey.

These are the end of year expectations for pupils in our school.

Mathematics End of year expectations

Nursery Progression of Skills

Reception Progression of Skills

Year 1 Progression of Skills

Year 2 Progression of Skills