Hot school Meals

Following the introduction of Universal Free School Meals for children in Reception to Year 2, we strongly encourage you to take up hot meals at school. The school meals are cooked freshly every day, included is a two course hot meal and access to the salad and fruit bar. The meals are good quality from fresh ingredients and we have worked with our kitchen staff to ensure portion size is appropriate.

Autumn 19 menu:

Autumn 19 menu

Healthy Packed Lunch

If you decide to send your child with a packed lunch they will need a named lunchbox; no carrier bags please. Lunchboxes are placed on a trolley in the morning and need to be collected and taken home every day.

A balanced and nutritious lunch should contain four elements:

  1. Starchy foods: bread, rice, potatoes or pasta
  2. Protein foods: meat, fish, eggs or beans
  3. A diary item: cheese or a yoghurt
  4. Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.

Please do not include sweets, fast food, fizzy drinks or any nut products in your child’s lunch. 


Suggestions for a healthy packed lunch