Register of Interest

The school will register your interest for the School and Nursery after your child’s second birthday. This means we will take your child’s details and send you the Nursery application forms and Reception application details on the published date. You may register your interest and make an appointment to visit the school by ringing the school office between 10am and 12 mid day.

Admission into the Nursery

There is no catchment area for Nursery. Children with siblings in the Infant and Junior school will be given places first, and then places will be offered on distance. The Nursery has a total of 52 places - 26 in the morning and 26 in the afternoon. The application forms will be sent in the Autumn before your child is due to start in the next September. For information about admission into the Nursery or to arrange a visit please contact the school office.

Link to Nursery Admission Brochure:- 

Starting Nursery in 2020/21 - A Parents Guide

The school Nursery will provide 15 hours of childcare per week - either 3 hours every week day morning between 8.30am and 11.30am or 3 hours every weekday afternoon between 12.30pm and 3.30pm. If you are entitiled to 30 hours free childcare per week we work with Greenacres Nursery and they will provide the additional 15 hours spaces permitting.   

Admission into Reception

In the Autumn term before your child is due to start in the next September, we will send you a covering letter explaining the procedure and closing date for admission into Reception.  Applications need to be made on line, by the date published in the brochure.  If you are unable to apply online phone the Admissions Section on  020 8891 7514 to request a paper version. Results of the application will be available on line on the date published in the brochure.

Primary Admission Brochure:

Starting Primary School key dates/ application proceess

Admission to Richmond Primary Schools 2021

Link to LA admission page on their web site:

How places have been allocated

Primary Places Offered

Admissions into Year One and Two

In year admissions for other year groups are managed by the Admissions Section. Please contact them on 020 8891 7514 or email: