School Results

Hampton Infant School and Nursery is currently graded outstanding by Ofsted. However, we are always looking to improve the school and the outcomes for our children

Ofsted Report 2023

Ofsted Announcement Childrens Video Dec 2023

School Performance 2022-2023

End of KS1 Results

Percentage of year 2 children meeting expectations and above against the National Result

Subject HISN National
Reading 71% 68%
Writing 66% 60%
Maths 78% 71%

GDS (Percentage of year 2 children exceeding expectations against the National Result)

Subject HISN National
Reading 20% 19%
Writing 7% 8%
Maths 27% 16%

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check 2022-2023

Met the expected standard-HISN 76%
Met the expected standard-National 79%

Reception – GLD 2022-2023

The table below shows the percentage of Reception children achieving a good level of development (GLD).

GLD-National 73%

(GLD is the expected standard across the following areas of learning and development: personal, social and emotional development; physical development; communication and language; literacy and mathematics)

Successes this year include:

  • EYFS- GLD is significantly higher than the national average
  • Reading, Writing and Maths at KS1 are all above the national average

For information on this year’s school improvement priorities please see the HISN development priorities document which can be found under the Governor tab of the school website.

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