GDPR and Data Protection

The Data Protection Act 2018 wrote the General Data Protection Regulations into UK law.  These regulations, known as GDPR, set out the regulations under which organisations can request, process, store and share personal data.

Hampton Infant School and Nursery is compliant with all aspects of the Data Protection Act. We have firmly established our reasons for processing the personal data of pupils, parents and staff and have made it clear which information you may rightfully choose to share with us. For further information, we encourage you to read our Privacy Notice below.

Whilst we recognise that it is our legal obligation to process a considerable proportion of personal data, there are instances when processing personal data requires the consent of parents.  This consent has been obtained through the admissions form and the data processing form.  You can opt in to receive additional communications at any time by completing this form.

We do not use biometric data at HPP. Biometric data means personal information about an individual's physical or behavioural characteristics that can be used to identify that person: this can include their fingerprints, facial shape, retina and iris patterns, and hand measurements.

If you have any queries regarding GDPR or how your data is processed, please contact Mrs Lauren Drake, our Data Protection Officer.