Latest Events

Here are some of the recent events which have taken place at Hampton Infant School and Nursery. Click into them to see what we have been doing. 


We have done Christmas in style! Following a fabulous Christmas Fair organised by HISNA, the children have had their Christmas shopping days, Christmas parties with a special visit from Santa and his elves, and Christmas lunch. The performances were enjoyed by all and the the ticket entry worked really well. Thank you to the HISNA team and parent volunteers for all their help and support. The children have had a wonderful end of term.   

Thank you for your generosity - we collected £719 from the performances for Crisis, and £252 from the Christmas Jumper MUFTI for Save The Children.





STEM week at Hampton Infant School and Nursery; this means the children’s learning had a particular focus on science, technology, engineering and maths.

Nursery and Reception were focusing on Space, Nursery made some rockets whilst Reception made cloud dough, moon dust and volcanoes. Year 1 were focusing on 'Radical Reactions'; they did experiments with ice, made slime and created fireworks using water and vitamin C. Year 2 were learning about volcanoes they made them erupt using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!

The children had lots of exciting visitors too. The Science Museum visited and did a bubble show for children from Nursery to year 2.  They made some of the biggest bubbles we had ever seen and some children were even inside a bubble!

Year 1 were visited by a nurse and a doctor, they spoke about the human body, they even brought a life size game of Operation which the children had a go at playing.

One of the parents; came to talk to our Year 1 and 2 children about her work as a neuroscientist, she talked to the children about how our brains work.

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) also visited and did an assembly all about atoms. We learnt how atoms behave in a solid, liquid and gas. They did some amazing things with Liquid Nitrogen.

Wow! What an especially exciting week we had! Thanks to all the parents and carers who came into school for this special week.


Congratulations to Ilona class 9 for winning the Mayor's Christmas card competition! Also to Koby class 6 for being runner up in the Rt Hon Sir Vince cable's Christmas card competition. We are very proud that we have such talented children.  


Tapestry is an online system which allows staff and parents to record their child's learning journey in our Early Years Foundation Stage. Please see the slides from the presentation.

Guide to Tapestry


The HPP musical evening at All Saints Church in Hampton was a wonderful showcase for the talented children of HPP. The audience enjoyed the Hampton Primary Partnership choir, orchestra and ensemble groups.