Through a diverse and exciting curriculum, Hampton Junior School pupils will develop skills in English and Mathematics as well as a love of learning.

Hampton Primary Partnership schools have worked together to develop a curriculum which is dynamic, broad, balanced and innovative to ensure that the children enjoy a practical, fun, challenging learning experience that will prepare them for life in 21st Century Britain.

Our aim is for children to be able to enjoy a range of sporting activities, have the opportunity to learn new musical instruments as well as taking advantage of our fantastic facilities, including the sports field, specialist Art studio,  library, well-resourced music room, iPads, kindles, garden allotments as well as pond area.


Lower School Curriculum 2018-19

Upper School Curriculum 2018-19

Year 3 Autumn Newsletter

Year 3 Autumn Curriculum Map

Year 4 Autumn Newsletter

Year 4 Autumn Curriculum Map

Year 5 Autumn Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn Curriculum Map

Year 6 Autumn Newsletter

Year 6 Autumn Curriculum map